The 5 Reasons Why Wedding Rings are Important

Thousands of years ago in Egypt, the ritual of putting a ring on every bride’s finger was considered a symbol of eternity and love between the couple. Today, various cultures across the world still hold the same belief and both men and women now wear them. Married or intend to marry?

Here are some important reasons for wearing a wedding ring:

  1. Symbol of respect and commitment to your spouse
  • Couples exchange wedding rings as a symbol of commitment to their marriage. 
  1. Status Symbol
  • It sets you apart from people who have not made a commitment to a loved one.
  1. Symbol of attachment
  • Wearing a wedding ring is also a symbol of attachment. It is believed that once you wear the rings on your ring finger, you both are connected by hearts and no one can split you into half until eternity.
  1. Your ring is a first line of defence against infidelity
  • Whether or not you’re wearing a ring is one of the things people notice when they meet you and they’ll often make assumptions about your availability and your commitment to your marriage based on the ring’s presence or absence.
  1. Your ring is a visible symbol to your children and the people you serve that your marriage matters
  • People may look at how you wear your rings and make inferences about your personality, relationship status, and other factors. For instance, maintaining the image of a perfect presidential marriage is paramount in most countries, hence the president and first lady should probably wear their wedding rings in public.
  • Within the Zambian context, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the first lady Esther Lungu are usually photographed wearing their rings. And if on any occasion their rings are absent on their fourth fingers there are usually speculations as to whether their relationship is stable or not, this is a confirmation that rings can be a pleasant way to indicate the stability of your relationship, however it does not mean that those who never take off their rings have a stable relationship.

At Eternal Jewellery, we believe in an eternal kind of love and a ring as one of the signs of that love. If for some reason your ring is absent because it is lost, has become too tight or loose we’ve got you covered with our offer of exquisite designs and unbeatable after sale services.

Nevertheless, the world is bordered across different cultures and ideologies and there is always that option of not wearing a ring at all.

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