The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Rings

1. They don’t discuss their preferences

  • Couples often don’t discuss their partner’s preferred stone or design
  • Purchase what your partner would like to avoid tension and requesting an exchange past the policy time because of being unhappy with the choice.
  • Discuss what you would like and exchange pictures, decide on top four designs so that it’s much easier to make a satisfying purchase

2. They guess sizes

  • Buying rings is like buying a dress or shoes, you need to know the right size prior to making a purchase
  • The only way to know your accurate ring size is by visiting a jewelry store or using a ring sizer service like the one Eternal Jewellery provide where we send you a sizer to check your size.
  • When you know your ring size, you are assured your purchase will be smooth and quick
  • If you would like to plan a surprise engagement do your best to find out the ring size to avoid disappointment

3. They don’t take time to ensure they are buying the right size

  • When buying your rings in store, make sure you are 100% happy with the fit
  • It’s not possible to be sure of the size instore then a few hours later say it’s not the right size
  • If you are making a purchase instore you have the advantage of trying the ring on, make sure it fits right before you leave.
  • Avoid insisting on being your preferred designs available size and demand an exchange when it doesn’t fit

4. They disregard company policy

  • All companies have policies that both consumers and staff need to respect.
  • The customer has the right to a satisfactory service as much as the staff have to ensure they follow company policy.
  • To avoid dissatisfaction, listen to staff when they advise the policies and also check your receipts for the policies and adhere to them.
  • This will save you a lot of dissatisfaction, for example you’ll know how long you have to exchange a product and do it within the specified time.

5. Lose receipts immediately after purchase

  • Keep your receipts safe
  • To make use of services like exchange or warranty you need to produce a receipt.
  • Most companies have that policy and it applies when buying rings too

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