About Eternal Jewellery

Eternal Jewellery Limited (Z) is a retail jewellery store which has become a popular household name in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Our Company provides high quality and genuine silver, and gold engagement and wedding rings. Eternal Jewellery was founded in September 2017. A Zambian young woman whilst visiting, brought very affordable engagement rings to sell with the hopes of finding a new venture. After advertising on a friend's bridal platform (another young Zambian woman) it became apparent that there was a gap in the Zambian market for affordable engagement and wedding jewellery. The two friends then teamed up to create Eternal Jewellery to bridge the identified market gap. Overtime the business has evolved from being mobile to a modern show room and providing pensionable employment to its employees. Since inception, Eternal Jewellery has continued to perfect and create unique jewellery using top quality materials to cater for diverse jewellery desires and with time has earned its accolades. Our vision is to keep the promise of providing luxurious high-quality jewellery at affordable prices and provide aftersales services and jewellery maintenance second to none, to ensure our clients have well- maintained jewellery. We aspire to provide incomparable, top notch customer service to our clients and expand our operations to other countries in the SADC region and beyond. Furthermore, our goal is to continue to provide satisfaction by offering jewellery designs that meet different demands of diverse budget coverage.

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