Complete Guide to Wedding Venues in Ndola, Zambia: Prices and Options

Complete Guide to Wedding Venues in Ndola: Prices and Options

Complete Guide to Wedding Venues in Ndola, Zambia: Prices and Options

Are you planning your dream wedding in Ndola, Zambia? Choosing the right venue sets the tone for your special day. Eternal Jewellery has researched and compiled a detailed guide to help Ndola couples find their perfect wedding venue.

1. Protea Hotel Ndola

  • Venue Cost: K4500
  • Food: K450 per plate (Full course meal)
  • Beverages:
    • Soft drinks: K20 per bottle
    • Water: K15 per bottle

2. Izu Hotel Ndola

  • Hall One: K10,500
  • Hall Two: K7,500
  • Catering Prices:
    • Meal costs range from K140 to K250 per plate
  • Additional: Ordinary decor included

3. Mukuba Hotel Ndola

  • Venue Fee: K8,500 (Hall and Outdoor)
  • Includes: Tables, chairs, cutlery, white linen
  • Food Packages:
    • Meal prices range from K250 to K400 per plate
  • Beverages:
    • Starting at K70
    • Corkage fee: K50 per crate for outside drinks
  • Extras: Complimentary room with full English breakfast for the bride and groom

4. Lafina Gardens Ndola

  • Hall Rates:
    • Venue: K7,500
    • Decor: K6,500
  • Outdoor Rates:
    • Venue: K6,000
    • Decor: K5,500
  • Extras: PA system available for K800
  • Catering:
    • Charge of K30 per plate
  • Beverages:
    • Outside drinks allowed with K500 corkage fee

5. Yembe Events Ndola

  • Hall: K6,000
  • Garden: K5,000
  • Packages Include: Venue, decor, PA system, DJ
    • Hall: K12,000
    • Garden: K11,000

6. Lutanda Lodge Ndola

  • Package: Venue, decor, and food
  • Price: K36,000

7. Exquisite Events Ndola

  • Venue Cost: K42,000
  • Catering Options:
    • Meal costs range from K330 to K450 per plate

8. Crystal Clear Lodge Ndola

  • Package: Venue, tables, chairs, PA system
    • K7,000
  • Decor: K8,500
  • Church Decor: K1,500

9. Njele Country Park Ndola

  • Hall: K9,500
  • Garden: K9,000
  • Includes: Chairs, tables, music system, cutlery, servers, glasses
  • Extras: Complimentary room for one night
  • Catering Services:
    • In-house food prices range from K190 to K250 per plate
    • Client-provided food prices range from K50 to K60 per plate
  • Beverages Corkage:
    • Soft drinks & water per crate of 24 bottles: K40
    • Wines/spirits of 6 bottles: K55

Planning a wedding involves many decisions, and choosing the right venue is a significant one. Whether you prefer the elegance of a hotel or the tranquility of a garden setting, Ndola offers diverse options to suit every couple’s vision and budget.

Contact Us for More Information For further details or assistance in buying the perfect wedding rings in Ndola, visit Eternal Jewellery today at Shop 30, Rekay’s Mall, Presidents Avenue, Ndola.

Note: Prices and details may vary. Please verify with the venues directly before making any bookings.


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