Ring Shapes and Cuts

Choosing the right ring is a very important decision. Rings are available in different shapes and cuts, which can sometimes make it difficult to choose the perfect ring for you.

Here are some popular ring shapes and some advice on how to choose the best shape:

Princess Shape

The Princess cut is a square shape with pointed corners giving a well-defined look. This shape is for women who are romantic at heart, love style and beauty. It also looks good on women with long fingers.

Round Shape

The Round Shape is a stone that is cut into a round shape and usually has a great sparkle. This type of shape never goes out of style. If she is attracted to classic and timeless styles this is the best shape for her. It compliments every finger shape.


Emerald Shape

The Emerald shape has long facets and layered corners that are strong and bold. This shape is for women that possesses exuberant fashion and are sophisticated. Long, stylish fingers look good in emerald shapes.


Oval Shape

The oval shape has no corners or vertices, it represents uniqueness, individuality, and innovation. Oval shaped rings help to lengthen the appearance of short fingers. Oval shaped rings would be best recommended to those with short and wider fingers.


Pear Shape

The Pear shape is a feminine shape with a beautiful, rounded bottom at the end with a pointed top at the other end, shaped like a tear.  Women with short, chubby fingers should try this shape.  It is the type of shape that suits a woman who is fun, adventurous, loving, and unique.


Marquise Shape

The Marquise shape has an oval shape with pointed ends, its shape is like that of a boat.  A great option for a bride to be with a strong personality and one who is a trendsetter. The shape looks good on squared fingers. It adds more detail to the finger.


The Heart Shape

The heart shape is the perfect way to express your love to that special person. As the name implies, heart shaped rings are an ideal representation of real love, romance, and devotion. It compliments all finger types.


Asscher Shape

The Asscher shape has a square shape with large step facets and a unique high crown that makes it an unusual shape. Women that consider themselves highly adaptive will easily like this shape.


Cushion Shape

Shaped like a cushion or pillow, the Cushion Shape has a square or rectangular look with rounded corners. One of the most popular and easily recognized shapes. It is mostly loved by brides who believe bigger is better. It is ideal for emotional and mindful women who are so secure in their sense of style.


If you require more personalized advice, feel free to contact us, and we’ll help you pick out a ring that looks beautiful and fits your requirements and budget. Remember this is a guide to help you decide when you have no idea where to start, it is not a strict rule as to which shape you should buy.

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