The 7 Myths of Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is surrounded by a number of myths and like a lot of myths, some have their roots in old truths whilst some have come about more recently due to societal changes.  

Myth 1: It takes at least 12 months to plan a wedding 

With the right budget, organized and focused mind, you can plan a wedding within 3 months. If you put your energy and mind to it, why not? You can still have the wedding of your dreams. Although this could give rise to questions like how long the couple have known each other and have been engaged.  

Myth 2: Everything about your wedding should be personal and unique 

Not everything at your wedding has to be creative or different to create a great day because experience and memories ultimately don’t come from personal touches or creative details, they come from you. Additionally, excellent planning, execution and the right vendors will ensure your wedding is beautiful and enjoyable.

Myth 3: Unless you wear a white dress and cut a wedding cake it’s not really a wedding! 

This is probably one of the oldest myths that you’ll be hearing from your parents, older family members or even some friends when you excitedly tell them your plans. Society’s view is that unless you have a wedding cake and wear a white wedding dress, it is not really a wedding. 

Times have changed, weddings have evolved, you can create your own wedding style and remove elements that do not have any meaning for you or that work best with your budget.


 Myth 4: You have to wear the same rings for your entire marriage  

Choosing the perfect rings can seem like a tough and stressful process, especially when there is so much variety at great prices. Not to worry, if you choose something and feel you could also have chosen another design, no fear you can come back for the other design on your next anniversary. All in all, you are not limited to wearing the same ring for the rest of your marriage.  

Myth 5: Seeing each other before the ceremony is bad luck

Many people believe that it is bad luck to see each other before the wedding on the wedding day. The reality is marriage takes work and mutual effort; it is not dependent on luck. If you want to see each other before the ceremony, consider a creative and special reveal.  

Myth 6: The Bride should be overly reserved at the wedding 

Your wedding is something that you are likely to experience once in a lifetime. Get out of your shell and enjoy your wedding, it is yours after all. Of course, we are not advocating disrespect and unpleasantries, do what works best for you, your partner and families.   

Myth 7: There are people that you have to invite/include

When you start writing your guest list, it’s easy to start adding everyone you know. Once you start making that list you might become overwhelmed especially if you are working on a smaller budget. Ideally it is your wedding and you have to invite the people you are comfortable to be with at your wedding, you can use the below tool to help you navigate the guest list.

The Complete Guide to Making Your Guest List:

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